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Bomber Boys - From America's Heartland To The Japanese Homeland

Video Cover

Bomber Boys produced by Sue Nass

The video was produced by Sue Nass, a television writer and producer in Idaho. The narrator of the script was Jack Hemingway, the son of the author, Ernest Hemingway.

In 1994, the video, Bomber Boys was filmed. The video gives the story of the 29th Bomb Group as well as the larger 314th Bomb Wing.
Don Nass is featured as well as "Red" Erwin. Red received the Congressional Medal of Honor for his part in saving his crew when the phosphorous bomb went off inside the plane. He picked it up with his hands. This incident is mentioned in April 19, 1945 letter written by Don Nass.

"Although I grew up listening to my Dad's experiences in the war, the very process of the "formal" television interview opened new dimensions to my relationship with him. It was several hours of the most touching, heart-rending and revealing moments I've ever shared with my Dad. I'll always treasure the time together we had on this project." -Sue Nass, Producer/Writer

Please Select A Clip To View (On YOUTUBE):

Bomber Boys - (8 minutes)

First Mission - (9 minutes)

Courage 1 - (6 minutes)

Courage 2 - (7 minutes)

Fate, Destiny and Luck - (9 Minutes)

Prisoners of War - (5 minutes)

The Measure of a Life - (7 minutes)

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Joe Chovelak

Joe Chovelak, a B-29 crewman in WWII, visited Pratt Kansas this week.
Here are some photos of Joe Chovelak's Flight from Pratt Army Airfield this morning (09/23/09).


Don Nass was a CFC Gunner on a B-29 Superfortress crew in WW II. As an eighteen year old cadet, assigned to the 29th Bomb Group (Very Heavy), he was stationed at Pratt Army Air Field from September, 1944 through January, 1945.