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B-29 In Flight

B-29's In Flight

Welcome to the Prairie Bombers Library Located In Pratt Kansas USA!

The World War II era was an important time in history, both on the battlefields in other lands and on the homefront.

Kansas has its own ties to the World War II effort through the construction of the Boeing B-29 Superfortress and the training of crews for these bombers.

The Library contains the record collections that document this effort and period of WW II history.

Boeing developed the B-29 as a long-range strategic bomber, building the planes in facilities in Wichita Kansas, Seattle Washington and Marietta Georgia.

Because the first B-29s were constructed before testing was complete, the need soon arose for modification centers as well as training and processing facilities for B-29 crews.

In 1942 Great Bend, Pratt, Salina and Walker Kansas became sites for airfields with runways large enough to handle the large B-29.

Each of these communities contributed greatly to the success of the B-29 and its service in World War II, and their history was forever changed because of their involvement in the war efforts.

From the farmer who gave land for construction to the native New Yorker who stayed in Kansas after the war to live and raise a family, there are many stories to be told about the role Kansas played in a war being fought thousands of miles away. (Source: Smoky Hills Public Television)

In addition more B-29 training fields were established in Nebraska and a few other U.S. locations.

To learn more about this remarkable period of WW II history, please browse our Digital Library which contains a variety of resources that are part of this grand story about these airfields and their impact on surrounding communities.

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Sample Crew Booklet


Information from our Library can be requested and will be provided in the form of a "Crew Booklet".

Joe Chovelak

Joe Chovelak, a B-29 crewman in WWII, visited Pratt Kansas this week.
Here are some photos of Joe Chovelak's Flight from Pratt Army Airfield this morning (09/23/09).


Don Nass was a CFC Gunner on a B-29 Superfortress crew in WW II. As an eighteen year old cadet, assigned to the 29th Bomb Group (Very Heavy), he was stationed at Pratt Army Air Field from September, 1944 through January, 1945.