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497th Bomb Group Updates

Added 01/06/2010

Stories, photos and documents have been added to 497th Bomb Group material.


Updated Photo album for 497th BG 869th SQ

Added 497TH BG 869TH SQ Crews


Updated Photo album for 497th BG 870th SQ


Added 497TH BG 870TH SQ Crews


Updated Photo Album for 497th BG 871st SQ


Added 497TH BG 871ST SQ Crews


Added Beard Crew members of 497th BG 870th Crew.

Added Beard Crew photos 3,4 to 497th BG 870th SQ Album

Added Lampley Crew 3 Photo to 497th BG 871st SQ Album


Added photos to Beard, Delker(2), Hahn and Ewing Crews of 870thSQ Album

Added photo to Yon Crew of 869thSQ Crew Album


added squadron album insignias


added George Petoff Journal

Top stories

Sample Crew Booklet


Information from our Library can be requested and will be provided in the form of a "Crew Booklet".

Joe Chovelak

Joe Chovelak, a B-29 crewman in WWII, visited Pratt Kansas this week.
Here are some photos of Joe Chovelak's Flight from Pratt Army Airfield this morning (09/23/09).


Don Nass was a CFC Gunner on a B-29 Superfortress crew in WW II. As an eighteen year old cadet, assigned to the 29th Bomb Group (Very Heavy), he was stationed at Pratt Army Air Field from September, 1944 through January, 1945.